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Log Book Servicing Melbourne

We can also perform your new car servicing or log book servicing. Car Franchise Dealerships are not the only workshops that can do this.

Your new car’s statutory warranty will not be voided if we do the servicing because we adhere to manufacturer’s guideline standards. This fact is confirmed by the A.C.C.C. (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission).

We use high quality spare parts in your vehicle and our technicians are trained in late model vehicle technology.

While your car is under warranty, your car needs to be maintained and serviced as per the procedure set out in your car’s service book.

When cars are manufactured, engineers design and develop a servicing program that they believe will ensure that the vehicle’s optimum efficiency is maintained not just for the first 100,000kms but for the future running life of the vehicle. Therefore the minimum amount of servicing that should be performed should be what is stipulated in the owner’s handbook, in some cases items need to be serviced more regularly, depending on certain design faults with that car (every car will have design faults).

It also depends on the type of driving you do (for instance, 4-wheel driving and towing will require transmissions and brakes to be serviced more frequently).

When we perform log book service in one of our Melbourne servicing centres, we always carry out the service according to the service book as well as looking at any additional items that commonly fail on that vehicle and additional servicing required due to the type of driving (for instance, Towing).

We also complete your new car warranty service book with the service details to ensure that you retain that warranty.

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