Car Brakes Service

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Car Brakes Service

Brakes are a critical safety item in your vehicle so it is extremely important that your vehicle’s braking system is well maintained and checked regularly.

In our car service, we check all the brake system components including:

  • Condition of the brake fluid
  • Brake Hoses Condition
  • Brake Drums/Discs Condition
  • Brake Pads/Linings Condition
  • Brake Stopping Distances
  • Brake master Cylinder

The main cause of premature brakes wear is high temperature so it is important that we know what type of driving you are doing to be able to recommend the right brake lining for your car.

The brake discs can be machined if they show disc thickness variation or damage, but they will need to be replaced when they are worn down to a set minimum thickness.

Get your brake system checked immediately if:

  • Brake pedal sinks down when holding brakes.
  • Noise such as grinding or squealing is heard when using the brakes.
  • The vehicle takes longer to stop when applying the brakes.
  • When the brakes are applied you can feel vibrations.

Feel free to book a brake system check or brakes service online in one of our specialised workshops in Brunswick or Knoxfield.


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