LPG Car Service Thornbury – LPG Conversion Thornbury

LPG Conversion ThornburyIf you are considering having your car converted to run on LPG, you can count on the experts at The Automotive Experts. Serving vehicle owners across Thornbury and the surrounding suburbs, we are trained and qualified to perform LPG installation, servicing and repairs on vehicles of all makes and models.

LPG Installation Thornbury:

Our gas mechanic team is trained and certified to install LPG systems on all makes and models. Whether you own a performance car, a small hatchback or a luxurious SUV, our LPG specialist will recommend the best unit for you. We fit the conversion unit in compliance with industry regulations, ensuring maximum efficiency of your vehicle.

LPG Servicing & Repairs:

Equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and advanced technologies, the gas mechanic at The Automotive Experts provides a full range of LPG car service, brake repairs, engine tuning, clutch repairs, LPG tank testing, and other automotive services at competitive prices.

Benefits Of LPG Conversion:

  • Autogas-powered vehicles emit less carbon dioxide than petrol and diesel-fueled vehicles. They do not emit nitrogen oxides, ensuring eco-friendliness. So, you can feel better about yourself as your car is not doing any harm to Mother Nature as the average diesel.
  • The autogas system is a valuable addition to the car, while the petrol system remains the primary fuel system. As you can make a switch between the two energy resources, running out of autogas in the middle of your trip will not be an issue.
  • LPG powered vehicles run a lot smoother and accelerate easier which is particularly beneficial in city driving. The combustion process is more effective and smoother which extends the life of your engine.

If you would like to enjoy all these benefits and want to have LPG conversion in Thornbury, give us a call on (03) 9384 0401.