LPG Car Service Parkville – LPG Conversion Parkville

LPG Conversion ParkvilleLiquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) or autogas is a cost-effective alternative to conventional fuels. To enable a vehicle to be compatible with the fuel source, you can consider having LPG conversion. If you are in Parkville or the surrounding suburbs, you can contact the team at The Automotive Experts. With over 40 years of combined experience in the automotive industry, they can help you with LPG installation, autogas service, and repair needs.

LPG Installation:

The gas mechanic at The Automotive Experts is trained and certified to install and fit LPG systems on vehicles of all makes and models. Whether you own a small hatchback, a performance car or a luxurious SUV, our LPG specialist will consult with you and recommend the best unit for you. All conversion systems are fitted in compliance with industry regulations, ensuring the utmost efficiency of your vehicle.

LPG Servicing & Repairs:

Like petrol and diesel-fueled vehicles, LPG vehicles also need regular servicing and maintenance. To be more precise, the LPG converted vehicles need service every 20,000 km or every 12 months, whichever comes first. Equipped with state of the art diagnostic tools and advanced technologies, the gas mechanic at The Automotive Experts can provide a full range of car gas services such as general LPG car service, engine tuning, safety check, brake repairs, clutch repairs, LPG tank testing, and other services at competitive prices.

Why Choose Us For Your LPG Conversion, Servicing and Repair Needs?

  • We employ only trained and experienced LPG mechanic.
  • We are licensed and certified to carry on LPG conversion on all makes and models.
  • We are committed to using high-quality LPG systems.
  • We adhere to manufacturer guidelines during conversion.
  • We undertake the installation, diagnosis, and repairs of LPG systems from any manufacturer.

Whether you have a question or would like to have LPG conversion, feel free to call our team a call (03) 9384 0401.