Windscreen Replacement & Repairs Melbourne

If you own a car or any kind of vehicle, then you know repairs must be carried out that could sometimes include automobile windscreen replacement. This windscreen or screen is made from laminated glass that is prone to cracks and breakage caused by weather and accidents. While most auto glass damages can be blamed on accidents, loose stones on the roads can also cause your car windscreen to break. If left unchecked, this could lead to much bigger problems.

Car Windscreen ReplacementA windscreen is not just a piece of glass on your vehicles. From the name itself, it’s a shield that protects you and you passengers from outside elements. So, when damage to your windscreen occurs, this should be given utmost attention.

A windscreen is considered by many car owners as one of the most essential safety items of a car. A cracked windscreen impairs you vision of the road and in many instances is sufficient for the vehicle to be deemed not roadworthy.

If you have a cracked windscreen you should take immediate action to have it repaired or replaced. Should you suspect damage from a stone strike then inspect your windscreen immediately, pay close attention to the edges for any impact point or missing glass. This type of damage should be given immediate attention as the windscreen’s edge is considered as the highest stress area.

Windscreen repairing or car windscreen replacement need not be inconvenient as this can be done at the same time your vehicle is being serviced.

There are few basic steps to replacing windscreen.

  • Remove the plastic surround side and top mouldings correctly.
  • Cut the urethane from the outside between the glass and the pinch weld.
  • Prepare the pinch weld.
  • Prepare the glass with a primer specially matched to the urethane adhesive.
  • Apply the urethane with an electric caulking gun.
  • Place the windshield in, carefully aligning the top bottom and sides

Or visit your closest Automotive Experts Workshop, whether our Brunswick or Knoxfield workshop and have your windscreen replaced or repaired professionally at low cost while we perform your regular car service.