Cylinder Head Repair

When your vehicle overheats, you run the risk of a blown head gasket. Your engine will need to be tested for this fault otherwise more serious damage can happen to your engine. If you have blown the head gasket, the cylinder head will have to be removed and tested for cracks or corrosion. We would remove the valve springs and valves to inspect for wear or damage. The entire cooling system would also be inspected to try to diagnose why the problem has occurred.

If the Cylinder head is not permanently damaged, it would be machined for a perfect seal to the new gasket, the blown head gasket would be changed and the head re-fitted. If the valves are damaged, they would be repaired or replaced. If the Cylinder head was permanently damaged, then it would also have to be repaired or in some cases replaced.

In our car service, we check the condition of the cooling system to help prevent costly damage to these components.