Five Symptoms Of Faulty Car Brakes

The brakes are very important part of your car’s safety and to make sure that the braking system is well maintained and as safe as possible you must pay attention to any warning signs indicating the need for car brakes servicing.

Worn brake pads

Most cars have brake pads that clamp on a brake disc that in turn acts to stop the car. When the brake pads have reached their manufacturers minimum thickness, they will need to be replaced by an experienced car mechanic.

Pulling on one side

If you had experienced your car pulling on one side, e.g. turning left or right by itself when stopping, you will most likely have a problem with the braking system.

So when your car starts to pull on one side, the best thing you can do is to visit a car service centre as soon as possible.

Strange sounds

One of the warning signs that your car may need brake repairs done, is the specifically designed sound indicator issuing high screaming sounds when the pads need replacing.

Besides that, you should listen for rough grating sounds.

If you hear this, it means that you have probably worn out the brake pads.

Problems with a low brake pedal

Soft brake pedal, i.e. one that goes almost to the floor before the brakes are triggered, could mean that there is a problem with the hydraulic system, such as air in the braking system or leaking brake fluid. You can firstly try to do a brake fluid level check by yourself but in most cases it will be low because there is a problem.  If you simply top the brake fluid levels, it will be unlikely to fix the problem. So you should take it to a car mechanic to check the braking system. This is one of the most serious brake problems you can have and it would be safer to get the car towed to a car service centre.


Vibrations of the brake pedal can mean that the brake discs have been scored or warped. Their uneven surfaces will cause vibrations coming up through the brake pedal. In most cases, if the brake discs are the problem they can be machined. If they are already too thin, they will need to be replaced. In both cases, a reasonable solution is to visit a car service to diagnose the problem.

If you have any suspicions that your braking system is unsafe, the car should be carefully driven or towed to a car service centre as soon as possible. In some cases, it may not be wise to drive the car at all and it would be safer to get the car towed to the car service centre.

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