How a Radiator Pressure Test Could’ve discover Bad Cooling Hose and saved the owner $3000

In the video below, Chris is demonstrating how a proper car service without neglecting any of the engine components could’ve saved $3000 to the owner of the car.

As you can see, a simple $12 cooling hose did all this damage to the cylinder head walls and ultimately to the engine itself.

If a simple radiator pressure test was run on the vehicle, the bad radiator hose (split cooling hose) would’ve been detected, and it would’ve been replaced for just $12.

As the bad cooling hose wasn’t detected, it split; causing the car to lose all of its cord water and eventually slow down & stop the engine, due to the cylinder head gasket blowing because of lack of water and overheating.

Sometimes a simple problem such as a cooling hose radiator leak can create major damage in the engine components, the engine piston and the engine itself will need to be replaced.

So, the key to this is preventative maintenance on your vehicle will stop not just radiator leaks, but many possible major defects and your vehicle’s running costs will be kept down.

Don’t neglect preventative car servicing.

We offer a car service special deal for only $99 in all of our three workshops in Melbourne where we make a thorough inspection to all components including a radiator pressure test, and we can easily detect simple cooling hose burst like this very early.