Fuel Injection Service

Vehicles with Fuel Injection Systems (EFI) should have their Fuel Injection systems serviced every 50,000 kms or 3 years to maintain the power and fuel economy of your engine.  More importantly, severe engine damage can result from blocked fuel injectors which is a common problem when the fuel injection system is not regularly serviced.

Our Fuel Injection Service process involves:

  • Clean the fuel injectors with a decarbonising machine
  • Clean throttle body and idle air control (IAC) passages with a decarbonising machine
  • Flushing entire fuel rail and upper fuel injector screens to include pressure regulator.
  • Testing the pressure regulator for operation and leakage.
  • Add a fuel tank cleaner
  • Check fuel mixtures on gas analyzer.

We can also service your Diesel Fuel Injection System, which will maximise your vehicle’s power and minimise fuel costs. More importantly, it will also help avoid engine damage arising from blocked injectors.

Please use our online booking form to book your a check-up & service on your vehicle’s Fuel Injection System in either Brunswick or Knoxfield.