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The Japanese automaker, the Mitsubishi Group has been operating for more than 100 years and is known for having a presence in several business areas like coal mining, shipping, banking, aircraft production, etc. However, the name Mitsubishi is mostly perceived as a brand name in the automotive industry. And Mitsubishi is not just an automotive company, but the one that managed to become the 6th largest car manufacturer by 2000 and is momentarily the 7thbest-selling car selling the brand in the world.

Mitsubishi’s road to success cannot be outlined in a few words as it would be an insult to the years of research and improvements Mitsubishi has made over the past century. Besides the seamless production process, Mitsubishi service is an additional department that has made stockholders and customers satisfied. But like any automotive company, Mitsubishi also has had some unforeseen problems with certain models that have made a number of customers rethink their next choice of car and has brought some bad reviews. Some of these faults were addressed prior to the market promotion and some require instant attention from a Mitsubishi service workshop.

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The Mitsubishi Eclipse is one of the most popular models of this brand, thus making it more exposed to reviews and negative criticism by their competitors as well as potential buyers. One unexpected fault this Mitsubishi model has is that the paint fades faster than it should. Car experts and customers were bewildered how a great company like Mitsubishi could allow such novice mistake in their production process. But, this is a minor problem compared to the faults of the 1999 Eclipse. Despite the great success Eclipse has had in sales worldwide, especially in the US and European markets, the model was publicly criticized for its transmission problem. And transmission being a major component of the car’s optimal performance as it delivers power from the engine to the driving wheels, it is important to identify the problem and fix it promptly. The Automotive Experts from Melbourne know just how serious of a problem transmission failure is and have trained Mitsubishi service technicians that can successfully address and repair such problems.

Another Mitsubishi’s popular product, the Mitsubishi Lancer has had its pros and cons. Because we are focused here on cons rather than pros, we’ll point out the most common faults of this model over the years. The 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer is, without doubt, the most problematic as it is prone to repairs that cannot pass unnoticed. This model has had a premature clutch failure which greatly affected many customers’ wallets since repairs were quite complex and therefore, costly. And, it seemed as if Mitsubishi has learned from own mistakes as Lancer models were improved up until the release of the 2011 model. Vehicles produced had a small but serious problem with the tail light. Although this is a cheap repair, the issue is alarming due to increased safety risks as any car with faulty lights is a potential victim of a road accident. Our technicians have worked on Lancer models for so long and are aware of any common defects and know how to conduct detailed Mitsubishi service on all models of this brand. Entrust us with your car problem and be certain you’re getting the best service without any hidden fees.

Many other Mitsubishi models have had similar problems to the ones we mentioned above. This does not mean the brand is any less reliable compared to other automakers. Quite the opposite, it implements instant recognition of car faults and working on improving the same. Our workshops have also adopted this concept and are keen on offering Mitsubishi owners the best Mitsubishi car service in Melbourne.