BMW Car Service

In the 126 years of automobile history, German manufacturers still hold a firm number one spot on the ‘best cars’ charts. Brands like BMW and Mercedes have always enjoyed the status of luxurious cars that guarantee quality and excellence. Because BMW has enjoyed such status among customers and car fans, an image of the non-mistakable and perfect manufacturer has been created in public. In other words, people view BMW as a car manufacturer which cannot manufacture a faulty vehicle or a vehicle which can have problems with certain service parts (as a result of the weak production process). But in reality, even though BMW’s production and development department is a group of talented and experienced engineers, being human beings they do make mistakes. Consequently, some models end up having different problems with various vehicle service parts. And even though all models are prone to tests and exceptions, some irregularities and problems can be discovered after people start adding serious mileage to them.

Regardless of the fact that about 90% of the population are car owners, only a few can detect manufacturing problems with their cars. Consumer reports from 2003 about the BMW X5 models have shown that people were quite satisfied with this model, but in reality, it had many negative points on several parts and their function. The automatic gear based vehicles of this model showed above normal levels of vibration when the gear was set to drive while having a foot on the brake. Add to this the abnormal noise when braking and steering and you have a major manufacturing issue. Luckily, our certified mechanic technicians can easily fix this problem as part of our BMW Fixed Price Car Service Offer. 2004 was an exciting year for BMW as the manufacturer released the new BMW 1 series. This new hatchback model easily attracted many customers who quickly experienced some major problems with the ignition. Eventually, BMW service centres acknowledged that it was the fuel filter that caused ignition problems, allowing moisture to easily enter the filter and cause discharging of the car battery, which resulted in less effective ignition.

BMW 3 Series BMW 6 Series

The classic BMW 3 series is no exception to the public misconception about BMW’s ”perfectly designed car models”. BMW 3 models from 98 to ’05 are living proof of this as negative customer reviews have shown several downsides. One of these downsides is the common airbag problem. Post sale inspections have indicated that the side airbags can trigger themselves on false alarm or when there is no impact involved. The main reason was considered to be a faulty safety switch. Anyway, customers were not at all happy with this because BMW repairs of the side airbags are very expensive, as it involves changing the front seats. However, this is just one of the many services our skilled mechanics can perform. Following this further, most problems of BMW 3 models occurred for units produced in 1999. One of these problems was the light switch that seemed to fail because of overheating and thus damaged switch circuits. The problem was addressed quickly and efficiently as 2000’s models were not a subject to such car repair issues.

Of all BMW models, the BMW 7 has often been mentioned as the worst model ever based by looks, driving comfort, and many other design characteristics. But BMW service reports and customer complaints point out the BMW 325i as the model most prone to breakdowns and problems. Its water pump freezing problem in winter has become a normal thing that you can fix in any automotive car service shop including ours. But the failed power steering is a problem of bigger dimensions and considering the high price for such BMW repairs, it justifies the epithet ”worst BMW model”.

Nevertheless, there are little malfunction issues with BMW that our workshops cannot handle, so you are welcome to come and try our service.