Roadworthy Certificate Melbourne

When you need to re-register your vehicle or sell it, you need to go to a licensed VicRoads Roadworthy tester to obtain a Certificate of Roadworthiness. This helps reduce the number of poor condition vehicles on the road while ensuring people’s safety.

Because of the authority of RWC (Roadworthy Certificate), VicRoads only accept the Certificates of Roadworthiness issued by a licensed vehicle tester, operating from a licensed car services centre or workshop. Once the vehicle passes a roadworthy inspection in either our Brunswick or Knoxfield workshops, the Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) is issued.

A Roadworthy Certificate remains valid for 30 days after the date of issue. If any item fails to meet the standard, it must be repaired within 7 days or a complete inspection must again be carried out on the vehicle.

The Roadworthy checklist includes the major safety items:

  • Tyres and wheels
  • Suspension, steering and braking systems
  • All seat and seat belts
  • Reflectors, lights, and lamp
  • Windscreen and its wipers and washers
  • All glass and windows in the vehicle
  • The structure and integration of the vehicle itself
  • Engine, chassis, body and other safety related items

A Roadworthy checklist is not a check of mechanical reliability or the general condition of the vehicle.

The Roadworthy Certificate Cost is not fixed, but based on the age, the type and the condition of your vehicle.

All of our Melbourne workshops are licensed to perform roadworthy inspection for issuing Roadworthy Certificate by Vicroads in Melbourne and Victoria.