Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections Melbourne

We can perform a comprehensive check of a used vehicle that you may wish to purchase.

This is the so called pre purchase vehicle inspection.

Buying a Used Car without getting it independently inspected may result in purchasing a car that is unreliable and could cost you a lot more money in future repairs.

Get a professional to do your pre purchase car and vehicle inspections.

Our Pre Purchase Car Inspections Services involve:

  • Checking previous service history
  • Check car for body repairs & rust
  • Check condition of oil & water
  • Check engine for blown head gasket
  • Check engine for blowing smoke, noises & wear
  • Check timing belt replacement time
  • Check water pump operation
  • Under car visual inspection
  • Under bonnet visual vehicle inspection
  • Check engine for oil leaks
  • Check transmission fluid
  • Instruct owner to check finance & stolen check
  • Check for possible odometer wind back
  • Check the car’s safety feature warning lights.

If you are looking at buying a used car, Automotive Experts can organise and perform a vehicle inspection before you buy it so you don’t buy a lemon.