Timing Belt Replacement Melbourne

A large amount of cars will have a timing belt. It is a rubber belt used to drive the camshaft which in turn opens the valves of the engine.

It usually sits under a plastic cover to protect it and is usually behind other belts at the front of the engine.

It cannot be seen without removing covers and other parts so Timing Belt Replacement can take several hours labour. Sometimes it is recommended to fit a timing belt kit which comprises of a timing belt, bearings, oil seals and a tensioner as any one of these items can cause the timing belt to break.

Every car make/model has a recommended time to change the timing belt.
This needs to be adhered as timing belts can perish over time and its failure can result in major engine damage. For example, if the belt brakes, then the camshaft will not turn.
Then some of the valves may stay open, protruding into the cylinders.
The crankshaft will continue to rotate and can push the pistons into the valves and bend them.

In our car service, we check the condition of the timing belt and whether it should be changed according to the service history of the car and the car manufacturers’ recommendations. We only use high quality timing belts when we replace them.

You can book your Timing Belt Replacement in our Brunswick or Knoxfield Workshop online or over the phone.