Can you use any Mechanic for a New Car Warranty (Log Book Servicing)

Because cars are the most used type of transportation, servicing them regularly and repairing them in timely matter is vital to fulfilling your usual everyday tasks. Hence, it is even more important where these repairs are performed. So, whether you’ll take your car to some local mechanic shop or to a certified dealership depends on many factors such as the car model, costs, etc. Also, a large part (if not the largest) in making this decision has whether you have bought a new or a used car. Every new car comes with a warranty which binds you to have any servicing and repairs done at a certified mechanic shop if you want to preserve the warranty, of course. This is even true for used cars. Thus having valid warranty is not something you should overlook when deciding on where to take your car for repair or regular service.

Before we start discussing which mechanics are able to perform services on cars with valid warranties, we’ll first describe types of warranty that car owners can obtain. These are the basic three types of warranty:

  • Statutory warranty for new cars: This type of warranty covers a period of 12 months or 20 000 km, whichever occurs first. This means that your car is no longer under the warranty as soon as you have over 20 000 km driven even if that happens before the end of the 12th month. Statutory warranties usually cover most malfunctioning parts in your car.
  • Manufacturer warranty for new cars: Warranties issued by manufacturers on average cover a 2-3 year time period or 40,000-60,000 km driven. Depending on the manufacturer, this type of warranty can cover different car parts and car issues.
  • Statutory warranty for used cars: Used car warranty is valid only if car was bought from a certified dealer and is not more than 10 years old. Also, a car must have passed less than 160 000 km in order to be eligible for this type of warranty. Usually these warranties cover a three month period or 5 000 km from the time of purchase. It is good to know that these warranties differ in terms of parts and services they cover, compared to new car warranties. Sometimes dealerships use these warranties to lure people into becoming their long-term customers, with hidden clauses which oblige car owners to perform car service only at the dealership’s auto shop.

Beside the strict nature of official warranty parameters, all of the above mentioned types can be extended for a certain amount of money. It is advisable that drivers carefully read all terms and conditions of warranty extensions to check whether it can really benefit their car. Because even these can sometimes be used to manipulate and exploit drivers that don’t know much about cars and their proper service.

Because we are interested in servicing a new car under the warranty, we’ll give you an overview of the rules associated with the choice of mechanics that can perform car service. The Australian competition and consumer commission (ACCC) states that any legal auto mechanic can perform maintenance service on your car without voiding your warranty.

We can also perform all your log book servicing and any other minor or major mechanical repairs which you may require on your new car without losing your new car warranty. Your new car’s statutory warranty will not be voided if we do the servicing. This fact is confirmed by the A.C.C.C. (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission).

This way you will not have to worry about your warranty getting voided and you’ll receive all the benefits cost wise along with professional service.

Choosing dealership auto shops over local car mechanic provides some benefits as well, even though it can be a bit more costly. Log book service or service based on a book that holds all necessary information and service history of your car, thus making things easier for the mechanic. Log book servicing is an organized way of getting your car checked and taken for repairs, according to manufacturer specifications. All car owners are obliged to check when their cars are due for a log book service and should entrust an official dealer or a certified local mechanic with any needed repair. Nevertheless, you as the owner, have the right to decide on how you will maintain your car.

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