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We are two owner-operated LPG and Mechanical repair businesses where you can expect personalized customer service and a high level of expertise arising from a combined experience of over 40 years.

Allcare Automotive in Brunswick (www.allcareautomotive.com.au) and at Fineline Automotive Services in Knoxfield (www.finelineautomotiveservices.com.au) are here to help you with your LPG vehicle services, repairs and roadworthy certificates.

Each of our workshops has a team of professionals, high-quality equipment and the desire to help you, the customer.

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Our LPG Services


LPG Service & Tuning Melbourne

Every 20,000 km your LPG system will need the gas filter changed along with a comprehensive safety inspection which is carried out with specialised electronic equipment…


LPG Fault Findings & Repairs Melbourne

If you are experiencing technical problems, we have all the specialised technical equipment along with many years of experience to accurately diagnose and repair even the most difficult problems. We are well known throughout the industry and have developed the confidence and trust of other local mechanical workshops and dealerships who often need us to perform LPG work…


LPG Tank Testing Melbourne

Every ten years, an LPG tank has to be re-tested. There will be a date (usually stamped on a tag attached to the tank) showing when the tank was last tested…


LPG Car Repairs Melbourne

The workshops are both able to diagnose and repair LPG problems that may occur to your vehicle. This requires a very high level of knowledge and experience which both workshops at Knoxfield and Brunswick, have in their equipment and mechanics…

LPG Conversion Melbourne

LPG Conversion Melbourne

Both Knoxfield and Brunswick are fully licensed and experienced to perform LPG conversions. We only use quality systems.


LPG Roadworthy Certificate Melbourne

When you need to re-register or sell your vehicle, it will require a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC). Vehicles on LPG will require a certificate under the guidelines by Vicroads. Only LPG approved workshops can legally issue these Roadworthy Certificates and Knoxfield and Brunswick have mechanics that are LPG approved…